Modular system

Made-to-measure fleet management based on a modular system

Auto-Interleasing fleet management is as flexible as the elements of this circle, which you can combine with each other as you wish. Full service also means precise TCO analysis as part of fleet reporting. Click on the elements of the circle to find out more!

  • Fuel management

    Fuel management

    Use one of the many fuel cards available to fuel cashlessly.
    The advantage to you is that fuel purchases go directly into our IT system, allowing target-actual fuel consumption to be monitored.

    • Nationwide fuel purchase
    • Cooperation with most fuel partners
    • Cashless payment
    • Target-actual fuel consumption analysis for each vehicle
  • Claims management

    Claims management

    We can take care of the entire complex process of handling accidents for you as part of fleet management.
    The advantage to you is that insurance experts represent your interests.

    • Comprehensive claims management
    • A single contact partner
    • Cost control
    • Compensation claims handling
    • Repatriation of vehicles from abroad
    • Replacement car
  • Insurance


    We determine the optimum insurance package for you. You are flexible in your choice of insurance solution – from own risk and full-coverage collision fund through to one of the large number of vehicle fleet insurance policies.
    You benefit from the fact that we take complete care of management

    • In-house insurance solutions
    • Free choice of insurance solution (Auto-Interleasing or third-party offers)
    • Outsourcing of the entire administration and claims management.
    • Only one contact partner
  • Road tax

    Road tax

    We can take care of the complete handling operation during the contract term.
    You benefit from the fact that you are relieved of this additional administrative burden.

    • Punctual payments
    • Payment control
  • Tyre service

    Tyre service

    On request you can pay for services such as fitting, balancing and storage on a cashless basis using our service card.
    You benefit from fair prices, an individual choice of partner and free choice of tyres. If you stock up through our tyre partners, you benefit from attractive rates.

    • Cashless payment
    • Cost control
    • Free choice of tyre partner
    • Special rates
  • Pool car management and maintenance

    Pool car management and maintenance

    You have exclusive access to a vehicle pool integrated in your fleet. You don’t spend any time on pool management and coordination.
    Your benefit: costs can be optimized based on efficient deployment planning of the pool vehicles.
    We offer a full-service model for operation, maintenance, cleaning, tyre change and claims handling. Existing vehicles can also be incorporated in the pool car sharing system.

    • Exclusive business car sharing
    • Cost optimization of the entire fleet
    • Intelligent overall concept thanks to full service including cleaning, maintenance and serviceability check.
  • Maintenance


    All maintenance work is paid for on a cashless basis with our service card.
    You benefit from the fact that maintenance costs are proactively managed by our specialists.

    • Cashless payment
    • Cost control
    • Cost approval limits
    • Free choice of brand service partner
    • Replacement car
  • Financing


    Flexibility in fleet management starts with financing. Our full-service program allows you to have vehicles managed or simply financed.
    Alternatively you can finance the vehicles yourself and have us take care of managing your vehicle fleet with a Management Only programme. You can also sell your existing vehicle fleet to us and lease it back from us. (Sale-and-lease-back)
    In all financing models, we can take on the resale risk for your vehicles on contract expiry.

    • Flexible financing
    • Financial leasing
    • Full-service leasing
    • Own financing
    • Sale-and-lease-back
    • Secured resale risk possible