Rental cars/replacement cars

Stay mobile: during vehicle service and in the event of repairs

Replacement car

If your full-service plan includes a replacement car, your drivers can pay for this cashlessly using the Auto-Interleasing service card. In the total cost analysis these costs are shown separately.

If necessary we can even help out with a replacement car at short notice.  Ensuring comprehensive mobility your drivers can rely on, is particularly important when repairs have to be carried.

We offer:

  • Replacement car as a full-service component of fleet management
  • Replacement car in cooperation with various car rental companies

Rental car

There are times when a rental car is the best choice to ensure mobility. Rental cars give you a high level of flexibility. And your business partners from abroad will appreciate this service, too.

We have the global market leader for rental cars as our partner: Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

We offer:

  • Rental cars provided by Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Short rentals from one day
  • Long-term rentals of up to 30 days and more